Mike Hecker


Food Tech Entrepreneur specialised in creating & building leading, technology driven, consumer brands & new categories.

Following a degree in Food Industry Management from UC Davis Mike participated in the creation of the fresh pasta category in San Francisco and later was among the founding team of Nespresso as the 1st Nespresso CMO and head of B2B being instrumental in the journey from startup to +100$ Million. Following the Nespresso experience Mike was the co founder of Eden Springs Europe and as CEO built a business of +200$M, participated actively in the European Bottled Water Association which he presided, and later brought Danone as a JV partner to Eden Springs.

Mike's main focus today is on impacting positively the planet with better, more responsible water hydration with www.bewtr.com. BE WTR innovates in upgrading tap water with patented technologies that positively impact taste and user experience

Additionally Mike’s holding company is leading another technology company, AudioVitality, www.audiovitality.com as it stands to transform our well being and allow the maximisation of our potential through non invasive, low vibration technology.

    Mike Hecker