Edible Planet was born from the idea that the more we work together, the better the results for everyone. When partners join the ecosystem they don’t just benefit from our knowledge and experience but from the companies, institutions, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors that form our horizontal, global network.  


We want to see the entire food system change, which means also changing the way we share knowledge with each other. A concept might require a specific set of skills or expertise that one of our strategic partners possesses. When it does, we’ll connect you to them directly and support you as you develop your vision together. 


This holistic approach means that there is always a fresh set of eyes to find the right fit. The Edible Planet model makes integrating different sectors or connecting with other points around the world a group effort, and no one gets left behind. 

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An ecosystem means

endless opportunities

to connect

Strategic Partners

We work with seasoned experts who bring extensive experience in innovation, sustainability, social responsibility, brand building, integrated marketing, content creation, public relations, investor relations and institutional integrity.