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Agriconomie, a leading European e-commerce company dedicated to farmers, today announced the close of a €60 million financing round—the largest AgTech platform fundraising in Europe in 2022. The round was co-led by Treïs, Temasek, and Aliment Capital (formerly Pontifax AgTech), with participation from Eurazeo. This investment allows Agriconomie, already present in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, to pursue its ambition to become the European leader in online agro-distribution.

Founded in 2014, Agriconomie is the first multi-service online platform dedicated to farmers. Initially known for its e-procurement site specializing in agricultural supplies, Agriconomie offers a complete range of online tools including purchasing support, personalized advice, and information source sharing. Its Supplier Services business includes data services, advertising, and software for its input suppliers.

"Since the creation of the company with my co-founders, Clément Le Fournis and Dinh Nguyen, we have put all our energy and determination into improving the daily lives of farmers. We help them to better manage their activity and accompany them in environmental transitions," said Paolin Pascot, CEO and Co-founder of Agriconomie. "This financing round confirms the strength of Agriconomie's model, the relevance of our strategic vision, and our investors' confidence in our growth potential as we open new opportunities to deploy our model rapidly and successfully throughout Europe."

By championing the ongoing transition to sustainable farming practices, Agriconomie is making a significant contribution to addressing climate change and employing global decarbonization initiatives. Through its environmental sustainability action plan, Agriconomie intends to be the European leader in the organics and regenerative inputs market, the highest growth segment in agriculture. The environmental action plan includes the promotion of organic products, regenerative agriculture consultancy and associated advisory services, carbon measurement and trading services, and general support to farmers transitioning to more sustainable agricultural practices.


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