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Armored Fresh Expands Distribution for Its Almond Milk American Cheese Slices

Armored Fresh, a Food Tech company known for its innovative alternative dairy products, has recently announced a significant expansion in the retail distribution of its Almond Milk American Cheese Slices. This expansion into both conventional and natural grocery stores marks a new chapter in the company's mission to bring plant-based cheese alternatives to a wider audience.

New Retail Partnerships

The expansion includes partnerships with several new retail stores, including Fresh Thyme Market, Town and Country Foods, and Fred Meyer stores. These partnerships are set to increase the accessibility of Armored Fresh's plant-based cheese products, making them more readily available to consumers across various regions.

Overcoming the Taste Barrier

One of the primary challenges in the adoption of plant-based cheeses has been the compromise in taste compared to traditional dairy cheeses. Armored Fresh has tackled this issue head-on with a dedicated team of R&D professionals and chefs. They have developed a range of zero-dairy cheeses that not only replicate the taste, meltiness, and aroma of traditional cheese but also set a new standard in the plant-based cheese market.

Innovative Cheese-Making Technique

Armored Fresh uses a unique technique that mimics the process of creating traditional dairy cheese, substituting plant-based milk and plant-based lactic acid. This approach results in a soft texture and fragrant flavor akin to that of traditional cheese, addressing a key consumer demand for plant-based products that do not sacrifice taste or texture.

CEO's Vision

Rudy Yoo, CEO of Armored Fresh, expressed the company's mission to bring zero-dairy cheeses to the masses, catering to both plant-based consumers and those who enjoy traditional dairy products. The expansion with reputable retailers is a significant step towards making delicious plant-based options more accessible.

Nutritional Value and Future Developments

A core aspect of Armored Fresh's mission is to create dairy alternatives that are nutritionally equivalent or superior to traditional dairy cheeses. The company is actively developing ways to add additional protein to its cheeses, aiming to set a new industry standard for nutritional intake in plant-based cheeses.

Quality and Flavor

Despite being plant-based, Armored Fresh's Almond Milk American Cheese Slices boast a quality and flavor comparable to animal cheese. The product's soft and chewy texture and high-quality taste are designed to meet the expectations of even the most discerning cheese lovers.

Environmental Impact

Armored Fresh is not only focused on taste and nutrition but also on reducing the environmental footprint. By offering plant-based milk cheese that is both delicious and sustainable, the company is contributing to a healthier planet, one tasty bite at a time.


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