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Aussie's Magic Valley Debuts Cultivated Pork

Australian agrifood startup Magic Valley announced the launch of its cultivated pork product.

The milestone comes off the back of launching its cultivated lamb product last year, with both types of meat completely free of slaughter or any inhumane treatment of animals in production, making them ethical and sustainable options for feeding the planet.

Cultivated pork is made from skin cells humanely taken from a living pig, which are then cultivated into stem cells using a mixture of amino acids and other nutrients used as food for cell growth.

Magic Valley uses its signature breakthrough technology to produce no further animal byproducts, such as fetal bovine serum (FBS).

The cells can grow infinitely, turning into both muscle and fat. In addition, the process means that the initial skin scraping is required to continue making unlimited quantities of the desired meat and is more stable and faster than competing technologies.

Magic Valley's technology is scalable across all different types of meats, not just pork and lamb.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has committed to creating a roadmap for aligning the global food system, set to be revealed at COP28 in 2023.

Magic Valley's mission-driven founder and CEO, Paul Bevan, is eager to see more positive global change and views this milestone as a key driver in cementing Australia's footprint in the alternative protein industry to support the UN with its goals.

"The global need for alternative proteins to meet the demands of the growing population is imperative as we take that journey to achieve net-zero, steering clear of traditional ways of consuming meat for ethical and environmental reasons," said Bevan.

"The global cultivated meat market is set to reach $630 billion by 2040, giving Australia enormous opportunity to contribute to this burgeoning industry that is aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

So, with both the need and desire for new forms of protein and the global economic opportunity growing exponentially, our newest cultivated pork milestone puts Magic Valley in good stead to capture a sizable market share to feed future generations.

Our cultivated pork products provide the exact same flavor experience for consumers that enjoy traditionally farmed pork. It is an ethical and sustainable solution and at scale, our products will be much cheaper than traditional alternatives" he said.

Next on the menu for Magic Valley is cultivated beef, with its sights set on regulation come 2024.

Continuing to use its Australian-first technology, Magic Valley is eager to leverage its expertise in lamb and pork and get more forms of alternative protein on Australian tables, ethically and sustainably, as it scales up production of it's unique technology.



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