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Better Nature Achieves Top B Corp Score in the UK's Meat-Free Sector

Better Nature, a UK-based tempeh brand, has recently garnered attention for achieving the highest B Corporation score in the meat-free category in the UK. With an impact score of 99.7, which is over 20% higher than the industry average, the brand is positioned as a frontrunner in social and environmental responsibility within its sector.

B Corp Certification: What Does It Mean?

B Corporation certification is granted to companies that meet high standards for social and environmental impact, alongside transparency and accountability. According to the available information, Better Nature has met a variety of these criteria, including:

  • Maintaining a low carbon footprint

  • Certifying products as Non-GMO, Zero Deforestation, and having options for Soil Protection

  • Donating 1% of sales to charity

  • Offering sustainable, clean-label food products

Dr. Driando Ahnan-Winarno, co-founder of Better Nature, has emphasized that this is just the beginning of the company's B Corp journey.

Rapid Growth

Better Nature has been on an exponential growth trajectory, securing its first retail listing with Tesco and expanding into 966 Lidl stores in the UK within a span of two months. It has also made inroads into the European market, with product launches in Germany and Switzerland. Amidst a fluctuating market for meat-free brands, Ahnan-Winarno sees a significant opportunity for clean-label, minimally processed products that prioritize both human and environmental well-being.

Better Nature has embarked on a crowdfunding campaign via Seedrs with the aim of raising over £1 million. The funds are expected to be used for further expansion, particularly to achieve the brand's mission of making tempeh a staple protein source for 500 million people by 2030.

Implications for the Future

Fiona Fitzpatrick, a veteran in the food and drink industry, has joined Better Nature as a Non-Executive Director. She will play a vital role in guiding the company through its next growth phase, leveraging her 25 years of experience. Christopher Kong, Better Nature's Co-Founder and CEO, said that her arrival would offer an invaluable opportunity to lead the movement for natural, minimally processed, plant-based foods.

The combination of their B Corp certification, rapid expansion, and new leadership sets Better Nature apart in a crowded market. Their approach to business is not just about profit but also about creating a meaningful impact on both social and environmental fronts. As they work towards their ambitious goals, they could potentially redefine the landscape of the meat-free aisle in supermarkets and become a household name in sustainable, plant-based nutrition.


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