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Exploring Collaborations: The New Extrusion Hub at MISTA

Givaudan, Bühler and Mista Teams at Inauguration Event
Givaudan, Bühler and Mista Teams at Inauguration Event

In a notable development for the food industry, Givaudan, Bühler, and forward-thinking food innovation platform MISTA have recently unveiled a state-of-the-art extrusion hub located within the MISTA Innovation Center in San Francisco.

The collaboration between Givaudan, a global leader in flavors and fragrances, and Bühler, a specialist in food processing technologies, opens up new avenues for companies to engage in the innovative and effective development of extruded products. Featuring a 30mm twin-screw extruder from Bühler, the hub is designed to support both high moisture extrusion, crucial for plant-based meat alternatives, and low moisture extrusion for creating snacks and cereals. Unlike the limited scope of smaller benchtop extruders, the San Francisco facility's capabilities are scalable to full-scale production, offering an output of up to 50 kilograms per hour. This significant advancement enables businesses to push the boundaries of product development more efficiently.

Fabio Campanile, Givaudan’s Global Head of Science and Technology, emphasized the importance of the new extrusion capabilities at MISTA, particularly in relation to plant-based alternatives and the broader innovation landscape. Campanile stated, "Adding extrusion capabilities at MISTA expands our vast innovation network and further demonstrates our commitment to the alternative protein space. We believe that by working together and leveraging our collective expertise, we can continue driving the development of the food industry to deliver sustainable and delicious food experiences for consumers around the world."

This collaboration and establishing the hub at MISTA are integral components of a Global Innovation Network spearheaded by Givaudan, Bühler, and other partners. This network includes several other innovation hubs around the world, such as Givaudan’s Zurich Innovation Centre, the Protein Innovation Centre in Singapore, and the Tropical Food Innovation Lab in Brazil, all aimed at fostering innovation and supporting global customers.

The hub's launch was timed to coincide with the MISTA in Action program, a bi-annual event that serves as a convergence point for industry executives, leaders, and emerging companies. This event facilitates networking and exploration of the latest collaborative advancements in the food industry, drawing participants from a wide range of sectors, including consumer-packaged goods, ingredients, equipment manufacturing, services, and food tech funding.

Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler, delivered a keynote at the event, highlighting the critical role of collaboration and technological innovation in shaping the food industry's future. Roberts underscored the importance of such collaborations in addressing global challenges, stating, "Collaboration is key to building a sustainable future for food with the goal of feeding the expected 10 billion world inhabitants by the year 2050. The MISTA facility demonstrates that these collaborations provide real results."

Scott May, founder and Head of MISTA, further elaborated on the organization's mission, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for innovation and transformation within the food industry. According to May, "MISTA acts as a catalyst for companies to discover, integrate, and evolve new ways of working that will help power their innovation engine and accelerate the transformation of the food system."

The addition of extrusion capabilities at the MISTA Innovation Center represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative food solutions. By facilitating access to cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and collaborative opportunities, MISTA, along with Givaudan and Bühler, is helping to shape a future where the food industry can meet the growing global demand in a sustainable and nutritious manner. This initiative underscores the importance of innovation in the food sector and sets a precedent for how collaboration among industry leaders can lead to meaningful advancements and solutions.


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