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How Merge Impact and EarthOptics are Empowering Farmers with Verified Soil Health Data

Merge Impact, the pioneering blockchain-powered agricultural data solution that connects brands to verified regenerative and organic supply chains, has signed a multi-year exclusive agreement with EarthOptics, a world-class soil data measurement and mapping company. Chainparency, a recognized provider of blockchain technology, fuels Merge Impact. This partnership brings farmers and verified soil carbon outcomes closer together in order to guarantee supply chains have a dependable and quantifiable carbon impact at the farm level. Furthermore, brands utilizing Merge Impact's tools can gain clarity into the relationships between climate objectives, producer impact, and soil outputs.

The UN predicts the world will require 50% more food in 2050, when the population is slated to reach 10 billion people. To combat this and the existing loss of 120 billion tons of soil carbon due to modern agricultural practices, regenerative farming techniques such as reduced tillage, better nutrient management, and data-driven feedback could restore up to 65 billion tons of carbon.

Around a quarter of farmers are already taking steps to lessen the environmental impact of their operations, while almost a fifth are considering their options. The vast majority of growers view soil health as an important topic: one in five is particularly concerned. EarthOptics can help them to ensure they get the best possible returns on their investments by providing high resolution maps and reliable total field carbon calculation to show the carbon absorbed during a growing season. Merge Impact also uses blockchain technology to guarantee that the data is protected.

With 56% of consumers indicating they would be more loyal to a brand if they could see at a glance that the company was taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint**, Merge Impact and EarthOptics' partnership allows brands to reliably demonstrate to consumers their timely, meaningful progress toward their climate commitments.

Merge Impact offers brands a simple way to:

Measure the environmental impact of food and crop production, from water to carbon to biodiversity.

Verify blockchain technology ensures the credibility of food supply chains and brands' environmental and sustainability claims.

Merge Impact connects brands with regenerative farmers to create a positive climate impact.

Create a radically transparent food economy that benefits Earth, farmers, consumers, and brands.


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