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Instacart and Kaiser Permanente Partner to Provide Grocery Stipends to Medi-Cal Members

In a ground-breaking collaboration aimed at merging technology with healthcare, grocery delivery service Instacart has teamed up with healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente. The partnership seeks to improve access to nutritious food and study its impact on health outcomes. Focusing on Medi-Cal members with diet-related illnesses in both Northern and Southern California, the initiative will provide participants with Instacart Health Fresh Funds. These funds can be used to purchase a range of nutritious items, from fresh produce to pantry essentials, which are then delivered directly to their homes.

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare

This collaboration is part of Kaiser Permanente's broader strategy to provide holistic healthcare services that go beyond medical treatment. The healthcare provider aims to address the social determinants that affect overall health and well-being, such as housing, transportation, and notably, access to nutritious food. Anand Shah, MD, VP of Social Health at Kaiser Permanente, emphasized the initiative's focus on "improving the health of our members and communities with diet-related diseases" by addressing these broader social health needs.

Medi-Cal members participating in the program will have the opportunity to shop from a curated online storefront, featuring a selection of foods tailored to benefit their health. The range includes fresh and frozen produce, legumes, spices, and plant-based oils. These items are specifically chosen to help manage or alleviate health conditions like diabetes and chronic heart failure.

Expanding Health Outreach

Instacart's partnership with Kaiser Permanente is just one facet of the company's broader efforts to integrate its services into the healthcare landscape. Recently, Instacart announced a similar collaboration with Mount Sinai Solutions to provide grocery stipends for post-operative and post-partum patients. Additionally, a program with InComm Payments enables seniors to use health benefit cards to make purchases of groceries and wellness products.

The Road Ahead

Set to launch on January 1, 2024, these initiatives could become a blueprint for future collaborations between tech companies and healthcare providers. They illustrate Instacart's growing commitment to contribute positively to community health and wellness, reflected in its broader business initiatives and recent public offerings.

By combining forces, Instacart and Kaiser Permanente aim to showcase the significant role that access to nutritious food can play in improving health outcomes and potentially reducing healthcare costs. The partnership brings a new, integrated approach to addressing the critical yet often overlooked issue of nutrition insecurity.



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