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Korelya Capital's Investment in Weo Marks a Major Milestone for the Startup and its Series A Round

The deep-tech startup Weo has announced that leading European venture firm, Korelya Capital, has just joined as a shareholder, bringing the total funds raised to $15 million.

For over a decade, Weo has researched the connection between water, plants, animals, and human health. With an eco-friendly, patented electrolysis technology featuring diamond-coated silicon, Weo's approach activates biomolecules present in water. As a result, it amplifies their natural properties for enhanced immunity, vitality, gut, and skin health. Following Precision Medicine or Nutrition parameters, Weo desires to offer Precision Water to fulfill specific needs across different moments in people's lives.

Korelya Capital's Founding Partner, Antoine Dresch, comments, "We are excited to partner with Precision Water and support its expansion into diverse industries, ranging from food, agriculture, CBD, cosmetics, to healthcare." Korelya intends to consolidate its position as a strategic shareholder as Weo grows.

In addition to investments previously raised from high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, the funding from Korelya Capital strengthens Weo's position as a breakthrough innovator in the industry. The move comes as Weo's B2C product (Weo Bottle) is ready for sale and will be used to launch the consumer market and accelerate the commercial phase of its agribusiness products. It is Weo's goal to make a positive impact on the way water is used throughout the food supply chain.

The funding propels WEO into its next growth phase, reinforcing its ambition to become the next deep tech champion in the US, Europe, and Asia.


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