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Magic Valley's Partners with Co-Labs for Expansion

Magic Valley, an Australian food tech company, is marking a new era in cultivated meat production with its expansion into a state-of-the-art pilot facility at Co-Labs in Melbourne. This move represents a significant stride since their announcement of successfully cultivating lamb in September 2022​​.

Strategic Growth and Innovation

Following their lamb breakthrough, Magic Valley released pork and beef prototypes. In July, they collaborated with Biocellion SPC to enhance bioreactor designs, underlining their commitment to revolutionizing food production. CEO Paul Bevan views this expansion as a strategic milestone, boosting the company's global presence. The new facility, equipped to scale up to 3000-litre bioreactors, will enable an annual production of up to 150,000kg of sustainable meat alternatives​​.

Collaborative Efforts Towards Sustainable Future

Co-Labs, founded by Andrew Gray and Samuel Wines, is dedicated to fostering bio-inspired design and innovation towards a circular regenerative economy. Gray expressed enthusiasm for Magic Valley's growth and the shared vision for a sustainable future. Partnering with Co-Labs aligns with Magic Valley’s ethos of environmentally responsible, ethical meat production. This collaboration will accelerate cultivated meat capabilities, promote innovation, and improve efficiency​​​​.

Driving Positive Change in the Food Industry

Magic Valley plans to continue working with experts and researchers to refine production processes, ensuring high-quality, tasty products with a reduced environmental footprint. This expansion signifies Magic Valley's dedication to transforming the food industry and marks a new chapter in their journey to provide sustainable meat products to consumers​​.

Magic Valley's innovative approach and expansion at the Co-Labs facility in Melbourne underscore the dynamic shifts occurring in the food industry, paving the way for more sustainable and ethical food production methods.


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