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Meati foods mushroom root patent demonatrates benefits of AI

Meati Foods, an innovative sustainable food company, has been granted a patent for its proprietary composition involving Mushroom Root, or Neurospora crassa. The recent development is a culmination of Meati’s foundational work in mushroom-based food applications and follows an AI-assisted study revealing the ingredient's numerous health benefits.

Patent Acknowledges Mycelium’s Potential

The patent, awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), acknowledges the novel use of Mushroom Root, scientifically known as mycelium, in food applications. Mycelium constitutes a considerable 95% of Meati Foods’ flagship products like classic chicken cutlets and whole-cut steaks.

Justin Whiteley, Meati Foods' co-founder and Chief Science Officer, stated that the patent represents the realization of years of work aimed at both protecting and promoting the company’s innovations in the food sector.

Nutritional Powerhouse Revealed by AI Study

In a collaborative study with Process Integration & Predictive Analytics (PIPA), Meati Foods leveraged AI analytics, specifically the LEAP tool, to identify 14 essential compounds found in Mushroom Root. These compounds were determined to not only provide essential nutrients like zinc, folate, and iron but also to synergize in ways that contribute to overall well-being and fill existing nutritional gaps.

Moreover, the study revealed that foods containing Mushroom Root are low in phytates, compounds that could otherwise inhibit the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. These new findings suggest a positive correlation with cardiovascular health.

“Gaining this patent soon after our AI-driven research underscores Mushroom Root’s substantial health benefits, validating our mission to revolutionize food categories while enhancing nutritional value,” emphasized Whiteley.

Advisory Board Weighs In

Dr. Roberta Holt, from the UC Davis Department of Nutrition and a member of Meati’s Science Advisory Board, highlighted the indispensable role of AI in uncovering the multifaceted health benefits of mycelium as a whole food. She emphasized the discovery of rare beneficial compounds and the implications they hold for future whole food products.

The recently introduced Eat Meati product line is now available at various retail locations, including Sprouts Farmers Market, Meijer, and Fresh Thyme stores, as well as select restaurants across the United States.

As a versatile ingredient, Mushroom Root can be adapted into a variety of food applications ranging from whole-cut steaks to seafood alternatives and even shelf-stable products.

Meati Foods is setting new benchmarks in the sustainable food industry with its patented Mushroom Root compositions and AI-driven research revelations. The company is now well-positioned to advance its mission of offering both sustainable and nutritious food alternatives, potentially revolutionizing the way we perceive and consume food.


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