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Nordzucker's Bold Leap into Plant-Based Protein Market with €100+ Million Investment

Expanding Horizons with Plant-Based Proteins

Nordzucker, traditionally known for its sugar manufacturing, is venturing into a promising new business segment: the production of plant-based proteins. The company is making a substantial investment of over €100 million to develop this segment. This strategic decision underscores Nordzucker's commitment to diversifying its product offerings and aligning with the growing global demand for sustainable food solutions.

A New Production Facility in Groß Munzel

The heart of this expansion is the establishment of a new plant at Nordzucker's site in Groß Munzel, Lower Saxony. Expected to be operational by mid-2026, this facility will play a pivotal role in Nordzucker's foray into the plant-based protein market. The construction of this plant is slated to begin in the fall of 2024.

Creating Jobs and Embracing the Future

This expansion is not just about diversifying products; it's also a significant contributor to the local economy. The new plant is anticipated to create around 60 additional jobs, signaling a positive impact on the community and contributing to the regional economy.

Why Plant-Based Proteins?

The move towards plant-based proteins comes at a time when the global market for such products is experiencing rapid growth. With an increasing number of consumers opting for plant-based diets due to health, environmental, and ethical considerations, Nordzucker's pivot to this new segment appears timely and strategic. It allows the company to leverage its agricultural expertise while tapping into a burgeoning market.

A Comprehensive Investment in Sustainability

Nordzucker's investment encompasses more than just the production facility. It extends to enhancing sales and logistics capabilities, reflecting a holistic approach to entering and thriving in the plant-based protein market. This comprehensive strategy demonstrates the company's dedication to establishing a robust presence in this new market segment.


Nordzucker's significant investment in plant-based proteins represents a forward-thinking approach to business diversification and sustainability. By tapping into a rapidly growing market and creating new job opportunities, Nordzucker is setting a precedent in the agricultural sector for innovation and adaptation to changing consumer preferences and environmental needs. As the plant-based protein market continues to expand, Nordzucker's strategic move positions it well for future growth and success in this dynamic field.


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