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PartnerSlate Launches Marketplace for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

PartnerSlate announced the launch of PartnerMatch, a marketplace that revolutionizes the ability of food and beverage brands to quickly and efficiently find the right contract manufacturers (co-mans) to produce their goods.

A typical search for a co-man involves hundreds of cold calls, relies on an antiquated patchwork of outdated directories and trade shows, and can take a year or more to find a willing co-man. From the co-mans’ perspective, 90% or more of inquiries are not a good fit for their capabilities or capacity, meaning a lot of time is spent inefficiently qualifying leads.

PartnerSlate has created the largest, most accurate co-man database in North America of nearly 6,000 co-mans, and it is the first with detailed data about the capabilities and capacity for each manufacturer. This enables PartnerMatch to perform targeted matching with unprecedented precision and speed. Once connected, PartnerSlate’s engagement platform helps both parties streamline the discovery and technical review process.

“PartnerMatch can cut a brand’s search for the right co-man from months to days,” said Vince Tseng, PartnerSlate’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our approach replaces cold-calling with data science, helping both parties save hundreds of hours of following mis-matched leads to dead ends.”

For manufacturers, PartnerMatch is the first marketplace that enables them to connect with relevant leads on-demand, helping dramatically accelerate their sales pipeline and fill unused capacity.

“PartnerSlate has transformed our ability to get new customers. It’s a great delivery service for high quality leads! We’re now working with multiple customers through PartnerSlate, and it’s been invaluable in helping us hit our 2023 growth goals,” said Rob Hannusch, senior director of sales at Thermal Kitchen, a Florida-based co-man.

Food Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is a $1-trillion-plus US industry that has undergone seismic changes in the last decade. Around 30,000 new CPG products launch in the US each year according to Nielsen IQ, and hundreds of them are listed on PartnerMatch every month.

The fee for brands to list a project is $199. Co-Mans can browse projects for free (and pay a 2% success fee for projects connected via PartnerSlate).


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