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The Future of Pet Nutrition: Meatly and Omni Unveil Cultivated Chicken Pet Food

Courtesy of Meatly
Courtesy of Meatly

In an innovative leap forward for the pet food industry, the former Good Dog Food - now known as Meatly, in collaboration with Omni, has introduced a product that marks a significant milestone: the world’s first pet food made using cultivated chicken as its primary protein source. This venture showcases the potential for sustainable pet nutrition and sets Meatly on a path to becoming the first company globally to sell and potentially gain regulatory approval for cultivated meat-based pet products in the UK and Europe.

The Rise of Cultivated Meat in Pet Nutrition

Cultivated meat, produced directly from animal cells without the need for traditional livestock farming, represents a major advancement in reducing food production's environmental impact. Meatly’s ambition to pioneer this technology in the pet food sector reflects a growing awareness and demand for sustainable, ethical alternatives to conventional meat sources.

Omni, a UK-based novel protein pet food company founded by veterinarian Dr. Guy Sandelowsky, has already made waves in the market with its £2 million sales milestone, offering dog food formulated from pulses, algae, and yeast protein diets. This partnership with Meatly aims to transform the pet food landscape further by providing a high-quality, cruelty-free chicken alternative that caters to pets' nutritional needs while addressing environmental concerns.

The Environmental Pawprint of Pet Food

The pet food industry is a significant contributor to global meat consumption. Meatly points out that pets in the UK alone account for 22% of meat consumption, translating to considerable greenhouse gas emissions. By introducing cultivated meat into their products, Meatly aims to significantly reduce the reliance on industrial agriculture, thereby offering a sustainable and nutritious option for pet owners concerned about their environmental footprint.

A Market Poised for Growth

The global pet food market, forecasted to generate revenue of US $149.90 billion in 2024 with an annual growth rate of 5.56 percent (Statista), is ripe for innovation. The introduction of cultivated meat products by Meatly and Omni could not only meet the increasing demand for sustainable pet food options but also pioneer a shift towards environmentally friendly practices within the industry.

Regulatory Milestones and Market Anticipation

Meatly is now focused on navigating the regulatory landscape to bring its cultivated chicken pet food to market swiftly and at competitive prices. The excitement within the industry is palpable, with Owen Ensor, Co-founder and CEO of Meatly, highlighting the significance of this development as a “major milestone for cultivated meat globally.”

Retailers are also showing keen interest in this innovative product. David Wainwright, Commercial Director at Pets at Home, expressed enthusiasm about being the first retailer to offer Meatly’s products, underscoring a shared commitment to driving sustainable change in the pet food industry.

Conclusion: A New Era of Pet Nutrition

The collaboration between Meatly and Omni represents a pivotal moment in pet nutrition, introducing a sustainable, high-quality alternative to traditional meat sources. Cultivated meat stands out as a promising solution as the pet food industry continues to evolve, driven by consumer demand for health-conscious and environmentally responsible products. This development not only offers a glimpse into the future of pet care but also highlights the potential for innovation to transform how we think about sustainability in pet nutrition.


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