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Pluri Launches Cell-Based Coffee Business: A New Era in Sustainable Coffee Production

Pluri cell-based ground coffee
Pluri cell-based ground coffee

Pluri, a trailblazing biotech company, is stepping into the future of agriculture with the launch of its cell-based coffee business, a groundbreaking move set to potentially revolutionize the traditional coffee industry. This innovative product is designed to meet the soaring global demand for sustainable, high-quality coffee produced at mass scale.

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Coffee Production

Under its new business vertical, PluriAgtech, Pluri is pioneering plant cell-based, industrial-scale manufacturing solutions for the coffee industry. Leveraging its 3D cell expansion technology, the company aims to create high-quality coffee while forging a greener, more sustainable future for agriculture. This initiative represents a paradigm shift in coffee production, offering eco-friendly alternatives to conventional farming methods.

Addressing Key Challenges in the Coffee Industry

PluriAgtech’s cell-based coffee is not just about offering a cup of authentic coffee; it's about solving some of the most pressing challenges facing the coffee industry today. With a staggering 98% reduction in water usage compared to traditional methods, Pluri’s cell-based coffee presents a sustainable solution to the imminent decline of suitable growing areas, which are expected to drop by up to 50% by 2050. Additionally, it aims to tackle price instability in the traditional commodity market and significantly reduce the environmental impact of coffee production.

A Triple Rise in Demand by 2050

As the world's demand for coffee is projected to triple by 2050, the need for innovative and sustainable production methods becomes increasingly crucial. Pluri's cell-based coffee addresses this growing demand head-on, offering a scalable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional coffee production, which currently has a high carbon footprint and faces stringent upcoming regulations.

The Vision for a Cell-Based Coffee Subsidiary

Pluri plans to spin out its cell-based coffee into a new subsidiary, focused on developing cutting-edge products, technologies, and intellectual property for the coffee industry. This venture will be led by Michal Ogolnik, a dynamic business leader with over two decades of experience in the pharma and energy sectors. Under her leadership, the subsidiary will explore and harness the potential of Pluri’s advanced technology to create a brighter, more sustainable future for the planet.

A Sustainable Future Driven by Innovation

“We are uniquely positioned to transform the coffee industry with our sustainable cell-based coffee,” stated Michal Ogolnik. “By bringing innovation to the forefront, we can tackle some of the coffee industry’s most pressing challenges.”

Pluri CEO and President Yaky Yanay echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the transformative power of cell technology in making farming and food cultivation more sustainable and productive. PluriAgtech, with its advanced agtech solutions, aims to reduce the environmental footprint of traditional agricultural production significantly.

Conclusion: Brewing a Sustainable Future

Pluri's foray into cell-based coffee production is more than just an innovative venture; it’s a testament to the possibilities that biotechnology holds for the future of sustainable agriculture. By harnessing the power of cell technology, PluriAgtech is set to deliver solutions that could redefine the landscape of coffee production, meeting growing demands while preserving our planet. As the world braces for the challenges of the future, Pluri’s cell-based coffee offers a glimpse of hope - a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally conscious approach to one of the world's most beloved beverages.


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