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ProteinDistillery: Innovating the Future of Food with Prew:tein™

Courtesy of ProteinDistillery
Courtesy of ProteinDistillery

In a significant stride toward pioneering sustainable food solutions, German startup ProteinDistillery recently secured a landmark $15 million in seed funding, earmarked to revolutionize food innovation and pave the way for its market debut. At the core of this groundbreaking initiative is the development of Prew:tein™+, a plant-based, non-novel food protein ingredient derived from upcycled brewer’s yeast. This innovative venture represents a major leap in the food industry, offering a clean-label alternative to conventional egg whites and setting the stage for an array of functional ingredient applications.

ProteinDistillery’s technology capitalizes on the upcycling of microorganism-based side streams from various industries, notably breweries. The company addresses a critical gap in the market by transforming these underutilized co-products into high-value functional ingredients through its pioneering green technology. The result is Prew:tein™+, a patent-pending ingredient boasting superior nutritional and functional properties, including binding, emulsification, and taste enhancement. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, egg replacements, and baked goods, promising to reshape the landscape of food applications.

In a strategic collaboration with industry giants, notably NETZSCH and GEA, ProteinDistillery is spearheading the construction of a mid-scale production facility in Southern Germany. NETZSCH, a leader in machinery manufacturing and plant engineering, plays a crucial role in this endeavor, ensuring the efficient processing of dry and wet materials. GEA, a global authority in brewing technology, contributes its expertise in extracting functional proteins from brewing by-products, including brewer’s yeast. This partnership underlines a shared commitment to converting waste into valuable resources, echoing Dr. Mark Schneeberger of GEA’s brewery division's sentiments on optimizing resources and unlocking new revenue streams for breweries.

Slated to commence operation in 2025, this facility is expected to produce quantities of Prew:tein™, equivalent to the protein content of over 20 million eggs annually. This initiative not only signifies a major advancement in sustainable protein production but also highlights its environmental benefits. The reduction in CO2 emissions associated with this volume of eggs is approximately 1.9 million kg, underscoring the project's significant ecological impact.

Behind this venture is a consortium of influential backers, including the Green Generation Fund, the Startup Family Office, and select Business Angels such as IWR Invest, led by the esteemed Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking. Financial support from Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, L-Bank, and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection further bolsters ProteinDistillery’s mission. This collective effort aims to enhance the availability of clean, functional protein ingredients, facilitating the introduction of compelling plant-based alternatives to the mainstream market.

As ProteinDistillery looks to the future, plans are underway to establish an industrial-scale production facility capable of producing several thousand tons of protein annually. According to Co-Founder Marco Ries, this ambition is backed by a robust financing strategy and deep-seated relationships with industry leaders, positioning the company to elevate Germany’s biotechnology sector significantly.

In conclusion, ProteinDistillery’s innovative approach to sustainable food production, supported by its latest $15 million seed funding, heralds a new era of food innovation. By leveraging upcycling technology and collaborating with industry heavyweights, the startup is not only advancing towards its market entry but also contributing to a more sustainable and efficient food ecosystem.


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