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REDUCED Partners With Caldic To Scale Upcycled Ingredients In The Nordics.

Danish company REDUCED, which specializes in developing flavour enhancers based on upcycled raw material, and the international ingredient company, Caldic, have entered a collaboration. The goal is to make ingredients that reduce food waste a larger part of food production, and at the same time pave the way for further development of process technology and innovation in the upcycling of side streams from the food industry.

The global market for products based on food waste was valued at 52.91 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% to 83.26 billion USD in 2032. Therefore, the collaboration between REDUCED and Caldic comes at exactly the right time because the demand for innovation in the upcycling area has never been greater.

REDUCED was founded in 2020 and is undergoing a transformation from food company to further focus on ingredients. The company has invested in production facilities in Copenhagen’s North Harbor to produce flavour enhancers, employed food technicians and product developers and joined forces with the University of Copenhagen for further development in their laboratories.

The collaboration between REDUCED and Caldic is launched with a series of organic flavour enhancers based on side streams from the food industry. The flavour enhancers are distinguished by boosting the umami taste without containing additives. So far, they have been used in meat products, meat hybrids and meat alternatives to reduce raw material costs, lower salt content and enhance flavour.

“Our goal is to reduce food waste by developing and producing ingredients which can compete on equal terms with similar commercial ingredients, but at the same time offer the customer a unique taste profile and directly reduce food waste. We have succeeded in doing so. The joint venture with Caldic means that we have access to a fantastic application team and wide distribution. We are very happy about this new collaboration with Caldic, as this allows us to reach further into the market and reduce food waste to an even greater extent,” says Emil Munck de Voss, Co-founder of REDUCED, and continues,

“Caldic has many years of experience in selling ingredients all over the world. We look forward to learning from their international market knowledge, and at the same time, feedback from their distribution network provides a unique opportunity for further innovation and development in REDUCED”.

Caldic is also looking forward to the new collaboration.

“We are really happy to enter into a partnership with REDUCED , as they fit our way of thinking about business and collaboration in all parameters – the products are competitive and taste fantastic, the employees are passionate and the business model is sustainable. On top, their upcycling mindset fits perfectly with one of our most important values – “Because we care”, says Ib Mortensen, Product Group Leader in Caldic Nordic.

The collaboration between REDUCED and Caldic will be launched in March and includes trade for the food industry in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.


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