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Steakholder Foods and Umani Meats Launch First 3D Printed Fish

Steakholder Foods is an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry. It has successfully printed its first cultivated grouper fish product for cooking. Using grouper cells provided by Umami Meats as part of the strategic partnership between the two companies, Steakholder Foods customized its bio-inks.

A step towards commercializing Steakholder Foods' 3D printer is the printing and customization of bio-ink. This proves that bioprinting and bio-ink technologies are sophisticated production platforms for hybrid and cultivated products that can accommodate various species and, therefore, a wide range of companies and organizations.

Using Steakholder Foods' proprietary 3D bio-printing technology and customized bio-inks, the collaboration with Umami Meats, backed by a grant from the Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, aims to develop a scalable process for producing structured cultivated fish products.

The Steakholder Foods team has been hard at creating custom bio-inks and optimizing the taste and texture of its printed grouper since receiving grouper fish cells from Umami. It is close to finalizing a prototype. In the partnership between Umami Meats and Steakholder Foods, 3D fish printing represents a significant milestone.

Unlike fully cultivated meat products which still require incubation and maturation after printing, the grouper fish product is ready to cook after printing, as Steakholder Foods' unique technology mimics the flaky texture of cooked fish. This technology has been patented provisionally.

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