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Treefera's Series A Success: Transforming Nature-Based Asset Management with AI

Treefera founders
Courtesy: Treefera

Treefera, an AI-driven data management platform specializing in nature-based asset reporting, recently announced a significant milestone with a $12 million Series A funding round led by AlbionVC. This development comes just seven months after their $2.2 million pre-seed funding, marking rapid growth and strong investor confidence in their innovative approach to environmental data.

Empowering Transparency and Accuracy

Treefera leverages advanced AI, integrating satellite, drone, and ground truth data on a vast scale to provide continuous monitoring and risk assessment for its clients. This includes key insights into commodity provenance, deforestation risks, and carbon credit authenticity, essential for accurate reporting and sustainable business practices.

Key Features of Treefera's Platform:

  • Real-Time Insights: Unlike traditional methods, Treefera offers immediate data analysis, thanks to deep learning and innovative AI search techniques.

  • Wide Coverage: The platform manages data across countries and regions, encompassing over 500 forest projects and harvest sites.

  • Client Integration: Treefera’s API facilitates seamless integration with client analytics, enhancing data accessibility and usability.

Jonathan Horn, CEO and Co-Founder, emphasized the platform's role in meeting the burgeoning demand for swift and comprehensive environmental data insights, which are crucial for companies navigating complex sustainability challenges by stating:

“Since our launch in September, the demand for instant, comprehensive insights across various nature-based data domains has exceeded our expectations. Treefera meets this demand by providing real-time transparency and accuracy, crucial for businesses navigating environmental challenges and supply chain complexities.”

Paul Lehair from AlbionVC praised Treefera's vision and execution, highlighting the platform's potential to address transparency issues in the carbon credit and supply chain sectors. Treefera's partnerships with leading industry players like Anew, ACCIONA, and Maple Credits further solidify its position as a pivotal technology partner in the nature-based asset management landscape.

Josh Strauss of Anew Climate noted:

“As Anew Climate drives transformational change across the carbon market with our recent launch of the Epoch Evaluation Platform, Treefera is an invaluable strategic technology partner helping us set a new standard for forest carbon project additionality and durability,” said . “Treefera’s machine learning and remote sensing tools, combined with Anew’s vast forest carbon data set, allow for previously unachievable levels of accuracy in the assessment of biomass change and harvesting activities across the North American forest landscape. Through this achievement, the Anew-Treefera collaboration provides unprecedented project impact confidence to credit buyers.”

Laurel Perry, Co-Founder at Maple Credits, also attested to the advantages of Treefera's platform, which significantly reduces costs and saves time for businesses, fostering a community united against climate change.

The advantages and support provided by the Treefera platform are integral to our success, and we would not be where we are without it. Its innovative features and tools have brought immense value to our business. By providing access to validated and trustworthy information on the platform, we are able to reduce costs and save time, which is a game-changer. By bringing together different groups of people, from landowners to carbon credit buyers, Treefera creates a community united in the fight against climate change, and we are honoured to be a part of this collaborative effort.” Laurel Perry, Co-Founder at Maple Credits

Future Directions and Impact

With the new funding, Treefera plans to enhance platform capabilities, expand its global team, and solidify its leadership in the nature-based asset data landscape. As the urgency of addressing climate change grows, Treefera’s mission remains focused on bridging the gap between good intentions and tangible environmental impacts through its innovative, data-driven solutions.

Nature markets, valued at $9.8 trillion, represent a substantial but often underestimated segment of the global economy. These markets depend heavily on natural resources, which are not always used efficiently or equitably. Improved governance and infrastructure, alongside thoughtful pricing mechanisms, are critical for encouraging responsible use of nature and achieving nature-positive outcomes.

The recent report by the Taskforce on Nature Market’s Global Nature Markets Landscaping Study, summarized in an industry video here, provides insights into the current state and trends of nature markets, emphasizing the need for a better understanding and strategic implementation to harness their full potential effectively.


Treefera is at the forefront of transforming how businesses and governments monitor and manage nature-based assets. By integrating cutting-edge AI with extensive environmental data, Treefera not only enhances transparency and accuracy in asset reporting but also plays a crucial role in the global transition towards sustainable and responsible environmental stewardship. As it continues to expand and innovate, Treefera is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change, promoting a healthier planet for future generations.


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