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VIP's Strategic Investment in 8Myles: Accelerating Growth and Innovation in Retail Industry

Virginia Venture Partners (VVP), the equity investment program of Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC), has invested in 8Myles. This frozen food brand elevates the frozen food landscape through the marriage of quality and clean convenience. The startup will use the funding to continue expanding its product, growing the team, and bringing families back to the dinner table for life's little moments.

For far too long, many have sacrificed quality for convenience in the frozen food aisle. But unfortunately, people tend to sacrifice quality for convenience, especially in today's fast-paced culture. 8Myles strives to deliver the convenience you need with the comfort you deserve. Featuring comfort food we all know and love, 8Myles prioritizes clean ingredients and key nutrients without compromising the flavor of good, old-fashioned mac n' cheese.

8Myles provides a fresh, nutritious food experience using all recognizable ingredients as an alternative to most frozen foods. It tastes like it was freshly made in your grandmother's kitchen.

Founder of 8Myles, Myles Powell, grew up as a full-time civil engineering student and became a full-time entrepreneur. The impressive work ethic Powell combines with a true passion for food paves the way for a successful company, and we are eager to see where 8Myles can grow from here. After being featured on Food Network's America's Best Cook, he decided to take his passion for food to the next level.


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