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Hands in the Soil

About us

Connect, Collaborate, Transform

The food and ag tech sector is full of great ideas coming from startups and entrepreneurs that can meet the needs of large companies looking to change direction. The time has come to bring them together.

Edible Planet is a holistic platform where stakeholders throughout the global food chain share the knowledge, resources, and best practices that we need to imagine a better food system. 


Our objective is twofold: first, to unite ecosystems from around the world and facilitate greater communication and cooperation between stakeholders. Second to accelerate innovation through partnerships with corporations, investors, organizations, and expert individuals. 


We believe in connecting the dots that lead to systemic change within the food system. As the ecosystem grows the possibilities for all of its partners expand, creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation around the world. 

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uniting ecosystems to

 accelerate innovation 

through partnerships

Our Story

Edible Planet was founded by Sharon Cittone, who has been at the forefront of building and growing the global food and agtech ecosystem for nearly a decade by working with start-ups, corporations, investors, policymakers, institutions, and young entrepreneurs. Sharon was part of the founding team of Seeds&Chips: the Global Food Innovation Summit. Her efforts helped connect thousands of people from every point in the food chain and resulted in new products, partnerships, and projects. 


During her tenure at Seeds&Chips, she recognized the need to link global ecosystems into a single holistic platform that could affect systemic change throughout the food chain. 


The result is Edible Planet, a marketplace for opportunities driven by collaboration and creativity

Our Team

We believe that collaboration is the main engine that drives innovation, and our mission is to bring together as many talented actors as possible to affect a transformation of the global food system. Our team is at the core of this mission, and each of us is committed to changing the future through our passion, our ideals, and our values.