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The aim of the Summit is to chart a new course for the future of food, but it is also designed to enrich the relationships of participants with the subjects, the setting, and each other. Our agenda reflects this dual purpose by taking the conversation out of the conference hall and into the countryside for immersive activities in the ‘green heart’ of Italy, Umbria.  

This regenerative retreat also features co-design activities and workshops that bring together participants for meaningful discussions about how to turn intention into action. The entire experience is a chance to summon our passions and reignite our inspiration through dialogue, reflection, and exchange. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that when we love what we do, it never really feels like work.

The Schedule

Monday September 19
Saturday September 17
Day 1
Active Tables - Deep Dive Brainstorming 
Day 3
Regional Immersive Experiences*
Friday September 16
Opening Event - Cocktail and Dinner
Sunday September 18
Day 2
Active Tables - Charter Creation 
Tuesday September 20
Guest Departure
Day 1 Closing
Networking & Net-zero Bites Dinner
Day 2 Closing
Event Wrap - Up & Dinner
*This day is optional for any guest that would like to stay and take part in activities such as wine harvesting or truffle hunting



Brainstorm, gather and consolidate innovative solutions to critical problems affecting the food system.


Share ideas through conversation and promote meaningful dialogue focusing on deep structural changes to the food system.


Create synergies between the participants and give people the opportunity to speak and listen to each other in a creative and dynamic environment.


Support the ecosystem in hacking the future of food and engage in meaningful experiences and connections


Formulate a comprehensive outline for transformation that participating organizations can put into action and a reference point to follow and collaborate with in the future.
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"shoot for the  moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"

The Agenda - 2022 Edition

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