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B.Z. Goldberg

The Mediterranean Food Lab

B.Z. Goldberg - Co-founder and CEO

BZ is a serial entrepreneur, two-time Emmy-winning and Academy Award-nominated film director and producer, and food systems researcher. In a previous life he was also a consultant focusing on conflict and change management for Fortune 100 companies and small closely held private firms such as Deloitte & Touche, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Columbia University, Solidarity Social Foundation (Poland), Toyota (Japan), Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan), Levis Straus, and others. In recent years Mr. Goldberg has been focusing on food system issues, and was the founder of international initiatives to rescue and restore the grain biodiversity of the Levant, and utilize cross-disciplinary approaches to address nutritional crises of refugees arising out of the Syrian conflict.

    B.Z. Goldberg
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