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Kimball Chen

Global LPG Partnership

Mr. Chen is the Chairman of Energy Transportation Group, Inc. (“ETG”). ETG develops international energy logistics systems, including LNG shipping, LNG import and export projects and LPG distribution. Mr. Chen also is a Founder and Chairman of technology companies in the medical device, digital telecommunications and mineral processing sectors.

Mr. Chen is working with the UN leadership on efforts to reduce mortality caused by household air pollution resulting from combustion of wood and charcoal. He presently serves as Chairman of The Global LPG Partnership, a UN and EU-backed Public/Private Partnership dedicated to planning and financing the transition of 1 billion people to use of bottled gas (“LPG”) by 2030. Mr. Chen also is the President of the World LPG Association, the global voice of the propane and butane industries.

He is one of the 35 CEO’s appointed to the International Chamber of Commerce G20 CEO Advisory Group which communicates policy recommendations from the global business community to the heads of state at G20 summit meetings.

His educational background includes the BA degree Magna Cum Laude in 1973 from Harvard University and the MBA degree in 1978 from Harvard Business School.

Mr. Chen’s outside activities include the Council on Foreign Relations (New York), various committees at Harvard University, the Board of Trustees of the Eisenhower Fellowships and other boards and committees.his is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. Want to view and manage all your collections? Click on the Content Manager button in the Add panel on the left. Here, you can make changes to your content, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more.

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    Kimball Chen
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