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Merijn Dols


I made it my mission to be a driving force in a food revolution, a paradigmatic shift, and the source of a new food system. I believe in a future of food as a force for good. I want to leave a world, in which economic, social and ecological interests are aligned. Food can fuel this system level shift through innovation, the adaptive power of the system, towards a resilient food system with a positive social and positive ecological impact, by design.

As one of the first and few Circular Economy scholars to specialize in the Circular Economy for Food, I strive to further the understanding and catalyse the adoption of Circular Economy principles in industry, every day, leading Open Innovation and Circular Economy at Danone.

I build bridges. I connect people and connect dots as an ambassador and a change agent by breaking barriers. By reframing and drafting a picture of boundless possibility, I set out to inspire, unleash and accelerate positive change.

I love bringing new ideas to life, building mvps, creating early wins and sharing my knowledge and passion on in support of the revolution, the transition to circularity. I lead with drive and enthusiasm, a positive attitude and energy, empathy, and analytical cunningness while remaining goal-oriented and pragmatic.

I have gathered broad food industry experience from packaging to product and process development, from an operational to a strategic level. Over the years I have managed both large and small teams, functionally and hierarchically. I have gathered international and intercultural experiences, always holding transformational roles in both developed and developing businesses and countries.

Through my positions, assignments, working environments and through continuous education I strive to enhance my knowledge, skills and experience every day.

    Merijn Dols
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