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Silvia Gaiani

University of Helsinki

Silvia Gaiani is a Senior Researcher at Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki, where she is leading a long-term research on food, innovation and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about data collection and deeply interested in how to facilitate the sustainable transformation of the food system and how to support the rise of food innovations.

She is a member of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS), of SUCH (Sustainable Change Research Network), and Fori (Finnish Organic Institute).

Before joing Ruralia Institute, she has been working as a consultant for UN agencies - including FAO, WMO and UNEP- and for the Italian Research Council.

She has co-founded the NGO e-qo, based in Brussels, which operates to promote training, education and awareness on the green transition.

"Make it happen" is her motto.

    Silvia Gaiani
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