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Susanna Graziano

Mindful Morsel

Susanna Graziano is a fast-rising entrepreneur and the founder of Mindful Morsel. She is driven by her passion for plant-based food, sustainable packaging, and reviving lesser-known and almost forgotten varieties of grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

As the previous founder of Cibo Kuwait, a catering business serving Italian food in Kuwait, Susanna brings with her the importance of connecting people and cultures through locally sourced ingredients. Her mission is now to bring the finest plant-based Italian food and ingredients to your pantry, one morsel at a time, in a way that respects the environment and the people who farm them.

Her love and passion for the food industry have also helped her in developing guides and tips to help tackle food wastage.

She also dabbles in plant-based cheese and fermentation, exploring varieties of things that can be done through the knowledge she has been able to acquire over the years in the field.

She has an MBA in General Management from EMAS Business School.

She is an experienced, passionate, nature lover and anti-waste food trainer.

    Susanna Graziano
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