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Astanor Ventures Secures €360 Million for Second Fund Focused on Sustainable Bioeconomy

Belgium-based Astanor Ventures has successfully closed its second venture fund at €360 million. The investment firm is dedicated to driving transformative change in agrifood technology through impact investing. With a focus on creating a sustainable bioeconomy, Astanor Ventures supports early-stage, mission-driven companies that offer "nature-positive" solutions to social or environmental issues.

Investment Strategy and Portfolio

Astanor Ventures has invested in over 45 companies globally, each of which has identified a social or environmental problem and developed a solution to address it. Some notable investments include:

  • Hyris (Italy): Provides genetic testing of biological samples in any setting, at any time.

  • Calyxia (France): Designs and manufactures sustainable microcapsules.

  • MagrowTech (Ireland): Offers magnetic assist technology that enables growers to reduce chemical usage while spraying crops.

Over the past six years, Astanor has built a diverse portfolio of funds totaling €800 million, backed by team expertise and significant investments from prominent family offices and institutional "repeat" investors.

Network and Expertise

Astanor Ventures leverages an extensive network of entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, leaders, and policymakers. The firm specifically focuses on solutions that promote regenerative agriculture. According to Eric Archambeau, co-founder and partner of Astanor, the company is committed to investing in disruptive and scalable business models led by ambitious entrepreneurs who share Astanor's vision for sustainable agrifood and bioeconomy systems.

Guiding Principles

Astanor Ventures operates under the guiding principle that every investment made has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. This commitment to impact permeates every investment decision and firm action, reinforcing Astanor's role as a leader in the sustainable investment space.


The successful closing of Astanor Ventures' second fund at €360 million marks a significant milestone for the firm and the broader sustainable investment community. As the firm continues to support early-stage companies with nature-positive solutions, it sets a precedent for how impact investing can drive transformative change in agrifood technology and contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy.


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