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Bühler Unveils Cutting-Edge Food Innovation Hub in Switzerland

Swiss technology giant Bühler has officially opened its innovative food innovation hub in Uzwil, Switzerland. This facility marks a significant step forward in the realm of product and process development by consolidating a diverse range of capabilities under one roof. Bühler's new Application & Training Centers (ATCs), including the Flavor Creation Center, Food Creation Center, Protein Application Center, and Energy Recovery Center, are now open to customers, complementing the existing ATCs, such as the Extrusion Application Center.

Meeting the Evolving Needs of the Food Industry In an ever-changing world where consumer preferences and sustainability concerns are at the forefront, Bühler's investment in these ATCs is geared towards flexibility and adaptability. Johannes Wick, CEO of Grains & Food at Bühler Group, notes, "Customers require the flexibility and creativity to address critical issues such as sustainability, local sourcing, healthy diets, and affordability."

The global network of Bühler's Application & Training Centers spans 23 locations worldwide, serving diverse industrial applications. These centers offer dedicated training for customers and serve as platforms for testing new product concepts and experimenting with innovative food solutions.

Fostering Collaboration for Sustainable Food Production The addition of the Flavor Creation Center, Food Creation Center, Protein Application Center, and Energy Recovery Center, alongside the existing ATCs in Uzwil, transforms this site into a comprehensive hub for Bühler's global customer base. Ian Roberts, CTO at Bühler Group, highlights the unique combination of technology and expertise available at the new ATCs, stating, "At the new ATCs, customers have access to a unique combination of technology and expertise."

Sustainable Energy Solutions Together, the Application & Training Centers in Uzwil produce approximately 550 tonnes of biomass annually. To maximize the utilization of waste and by-products generated by the ATCs, Bühler and strategic partner Vyncke have established the Energy Recovery Center. This facility not only serves as a heating system for Bühler's headquarters but also functions as a demonstration and testing platform for customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste production, and lower energy costs by leveraging side streams.

Johannes Wick emphasizes the importance of energy generation from biomass, stating, "The Bühler-Vyncke Energy Recovery Center is an important step for us in implementing our sustainability goals and is intended to serve as an example for energy recovery options in food and feed production."

Scaling Impactful Innovation

The company's partnerships have led to the development of leading-edge technology and new avenues for collaboration with customers and partners. Construction is underway for the Grain Innovation Center (GIC) in Uzwil, where Bühler and its collaborators will focus on developing, testing, and scaling sustainable and efficient solutions for grain and feed processing to enhance food and feed production. The GIC is set to commence operations by the end of 2024.

Additionally, the construction of the Grain Processing Innovation Center (GPIC) in Kano, Nigeria, is in progress and is expected to open its doors in early 2024. The GPIC will concentrate on the development of products, recipes, and processes using locally sourced grains, such as sorghum, millets, maize, soybeans, beans, and tiger nuts.

Johannes Wick underscores the holistic approach of these new ATCs, stating, "These centers are built to work in an integrated manner, offering a comprehensive process, so that the customers can achieve tangible and remarkable outcomes."

Bühler's dedication to food innovation, sustainability, and customer collaboration positions it as a transformative force in the food and feed industry, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.


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