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Evja Secures €4.2 Million in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Precision Agriculture with AI

Italian agri-tech startup Evja has successfully closed a €4.2 million Series A funding round. The investment was led by Cdp Venture Capital through its Italia Venture II fund, SEFEA Impact fund, and partner Startupbootcamp Foodtech. The funding aims to accelerate the startup's international expansion and product optimization in the precision agriculture sector.

Founded by Davide Parisi, Antonio Affinito, and Paolo Iasevoli, Evja specializes in providing farmers with a patented precision agriculture system. The system leverages predictive agronomic models and artificial intelligence to optimize irrigation, nutrition, and crop defense. The company holds four patents, three of which have received international recognition. Evja's technology has already attracted investments from multinational corporations like German Baywa and Austrian RWA, as well as accelerators like Rome-based Startupbootcamp Foodtech and Startlife in the Netherlands.

Davide Parisi, CEO of Evja, emphasized the importance of partners and customers in the company's journey. "True success can only be achieved by working together," he said. "We are focused on the high scientific content of our patented Decision Support System and are committed to all those involved in the Evja project."

According to Paolo Iasevoli, the company's marketing manager, the presence of prominent investors like SEFEA Impact is strategically important. SEFEA Impact invests with the aim of creating measurable social and environmental impact, further validating Evja's sustainability achievements. Antonio Affinito, the CTO, added that the company is deeply committed to agriculture and sustainability goals, aligning with the UN 2030 agenda.

International Presence and Future Plans

Evja has already secured customers in nine countries across four continents, particularly in the horticultural sector. "The financial resources from this funding round will allow us to accelerate sales and product optimization," said Parisi. Francesca Ottier, Senior Partner and Head of Cdp Venture Capital's Italia Venture II Fund, expressed confidence in Evja's growth prospects, citing the company's strong international presence and self-sustained growth.

The Series A funding marks a significant milestone for Evja as it aims to revolutionize the precision agriculture sector. With a focus on technological excellence and scientific quality, the company is well-positioned to make a substantial impact on sustainable farming practices globally. The investment will undoubtedly catalyze Evja's plans for international expansion, particularly in key fruit and vegetable markets.


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