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From Seed to Shelf: Syngenta's New Accelerator Platform Drives Sustainable Agtech Solutions

"Shoots by Syngenta" is a global platform launched today by Syngenta Group to address agriculture's most complex challenges, promote innovation, and advance sustainable agriculture. Starting with science-based innovation challenges, the platform will connect scientific discovery and creativity, connecting academics, research institutes, startups, and cross-industry sectors to collaborate with Syngenta's global network of 5,000+ scientists.

“Shoots by Syngenta” will also include a startup accelerator, which will provide a supportive ecosystem for early-stage companies developing agricultural technologies. In order to accelerate their growth and impact, startups will enter a program that connects them with mentors, resources, and funding.

Five billion more people are being fed on nearly the same amount of land thanks to agricultural innovation in the last 70 years. The demand for practical and scalable technologies will increase by 50% by 2050 as 2+ billion more people consume 50% more food. Providing farmers with these solutions against pests, diseases, and extreme weather conditions is increasingly dependent on innovation through collaboration.

Helping growers sustainably feed a rapidly growing human population requires a strong collaboration focus, not just across agriculture but across industries,” said Gusui Wu, Global Head of Seeds Research. “Collaboration is at the heart of how our scientists approach innovation every day. It’s embedded in our scientific culture, and we are continually seeking out different technologies, solutions and partners to help us better serve farmers.”

Syngenta's "Shoots" program will shine a light on innovation needs from its Crop Protection and Seeds branches. Science-minded individuals can share proposals in response to the challenges outlined on the website, or in any other relevant area. These submissions are evaluated promptly; if there is a mutual agreement, progress is made towards researching and licensing the technology with a collaboration partnership.

Additionally, the startup accelerator will provide early-stage companies the chance to pilot their technology at Syngenta’s Farm of the Future and select grower farms globally, as well as mentorship and access to industry experts and the opportunity to present and test ideas with relevant business leaders and investors. As part of this program, Syngenta business leaders will provide one-on-one mentoring tailored to meet the unique needs of each team.


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