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Green Horizon: NitroVolt's €750K Leap Towards Sustainable Ammonia Production

Courtesy of NitroVolt
Courtesy of NitroVolt

NitroVolt, a Danish climate tech startup, has successfully secured €750K in pre-seed funding from Swedish venture firm BackingMinds to drive the green production of ammonia. This funding aims to support the development of their innovative "Nitrolyzer" unit, which promises a more sustainable method of producing ammonia using only air, water, and electricity. This approach could revolutionize the industry by eliminating the carbon footprint associated with traditional ammonia production methods, which are currently responsible for significant CO2 emissions.

The significance of ammonia in modern society cannot be understated, with half the world's food production relying on it. However, the traditional ammonia production methods are highly polluting, contributing to about 2% of global CO2 emissions. With the ammonia industry facing pressure to reduce its emissions by 37% by 2030 and by 96% by 2050, NitroVolt's solution represents a critical step towards achieving these goals by offering a viable, eco-friendly alternative.

NitroVolt was officially spun out of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in July 2023 by Suzanne Zamany Andersen (CEO) and Mattia Saccoccio (CTO), after extensive research within the field of electrochemical ammonia synthesis. The company's innovative approach to ammonia production not only addresses a crucial concern in agriculture but also aligns with the global shift towards reducing carbon emissions. By transitioning to NitroVolt's system, the ammonia production process can be made cleaner and more efficient, with the potential to scale production by a factor of 1,000 and expand into new markets.

The "Nitrolyzer" unit represents a significant innovation in the field, capable of producing ammonia locally at farms, thus ensuring resilience to supply chain volatility while maintaining environmentally friendly practices. NitroVolt's vision extends beyond Denmark, aiming for a global market presence that could profoundly impact the agriculture industry and the environment.

This advancement is particularly timely given the geopolitical pressures and environmental challenges facing the world today. With countries looking for local and green alternatives to ensure food security and sustainability, NitroVolt's technology offers a promising solution that could help meet the growing demand for low-emission ammonia, which is projected to triple by 2050.


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