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Marama Labs Secures €1.75 million for Innovative CloudSpec Spectrometer

Marama Labs, a deep-tech startup with roots in New Zealand and Ireland, has raised a substantial €1.75 million in a recent seed-plus funding round. This investment, led by The Yield Lab, a European agritech venture capital firm, marks a significant advancement in the company's mission to optimize the world's liquid resources through novel spectroscopy technology.

Revolutionizing Wine and Life Sciences Industries

Marama Labs, founded in 2019 as a spin-out of Victoria University of Wellington, has developed CloudSpec, a groundbreaking device focused on spectroscopy. The technology is designed to analyze complex liquids, particularly in the wine and life sciences industries. For winemakers, CloudSpec provides quantitative chemical data throughout the wine production process, from vineyard to bottle, revolutionizing traditional methods of analyzing color and phenolic compounds in wine.

The device has demonstrated its ability to overcome challenges in analyzing opaque liquids, a major hurdle in fields such as drug discovery, process monitoring, quality assurance, and new product development. Marama Labs is currently conducting commercial trials with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers globally.

Industry and Investor Perspectives The fresh funding will enable Marama Labs to scale up hardware manufacturing capacity in New Zealand and enhance its cloud software data analytics tools. The company aims to expand its global footprint in the wine industry and is set to launch its first product in the life sciences market in 2024.

Marama Labs has gained attention for its potential to bring tangible benefits to the planet, as noted by John Carrigan, Investment Director at The Yield Lab (Europe). The technology’s ability to analyze opaque liquid samples swiftly positions it as a game-changer in various industries.

Transforming Winemaking and Beyond

CloudSpec technology is set to transform winemaking by offering critical color and phenolic data. Beyond the wine industry, its expansion into life sciences highlights the technology's versatility and potential to address complex analytical challenges in diverse sectors.

In conclusion, Marama Labs' recent funding achievement and its development of CloudSpec represent significant strides in spectroscopy technology. This investment reflects confidence in the company's potential to impact diverse industries and markets, heralding a new era in chemical analysis technologies.


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