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Oatly Launches Campaign for Mandatory Climate Labelling in UK Food and Drink Industry

In a groundbreaking initiative, Oatly, the Swedish oat milk giant, is leading the charge for mandatory climate labelling on all food and beverage products in the United Kingdom. Their mission? To empower consumers with crucial information about the environmental impact of their purchases.

Three Key Arguments for Climate Transparency

Oatly's campaign, outlined in its 'Grey Paper,' hinges on three compelling arguments. First, the stark reality that emissions from the food system constitute 35% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions. This statistic underscores the urgent need for action and highlights the pivotal role consumer choices can play.

Subtitle 3: Making Climate Information Accessible

The second argument championed by Oatly is that consumers already receive similar information in other sectors, such as housing, automobiles, and electronics. They contend that it's high time this logic is applied to food and beverages, making it easy for consumers to access vital information about the climate impact of their choices.

Lastly, Oatly's campaign is buoyed by strong public support. A recent survey by Oatly revealed that 62% of British adults support mandatory carbon labelling, with 55% believing companies should be obligated to disclose this information. Furthermore, 59% of respondents indicated they would alter their consumption habits based on accurate emissions data.

Bridging the Gap Between Dairy and Plant-Based Alternatives

As part of its campaign, Oatly is offering free advertising space to dairy producers, challenging them to disclose their climate footprints. This move comes in the wake of stark comparisons between the environmental impact of dairy and plant-based milk, with Oatly leading the charge in reducing its products' climate footprint.

Oatly's campaign reflects a broader shift towards transparency and accountability in the food industry. With consumers increasingly concerned about the environmental consequences of their purchases, Oatly's initiative aims to provide the information needed for consumers to make more sustainable choices.

In the coming months, Oatly will continue to urge the food and beverage sector to unite and collaborate with policymakers to enforce compulsory climate labelling. Oatly's commitment to reducing its products' climate footprint by 70% underscores its dedication to both the environment and informed consumer choices.


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