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PhageLab: Pioneering the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance in Livestock with $11 Million Funding

Scientists at PhageLab
Scientists at PhageLab

Chile-based biotechnology company PhageLab, specializing in bacteriophage-based solutions to combat multidrug-resistant bacteria in livestock, has announced an $11 million funding round. This financial boost, supported by Nazca, Collaborative Fund, Water Lemon Ventures, and individual investor Kevin Efrusy, positions PhageLab to advance its phage-based technologies and establish a significant commercial presence in Brazil, its primary market, and extend its reach into the U.S.

A Natural Alternative to Antibiotics in Livestock Treatment

PhageLab is at the forefront of addressing a critical global challenge: the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in livestock farming. With the alarming fact that since 2019, 50% of all antibiotics used in intensive animal farming have become ineffective, resulting in over 4.95 million deaths worldwide, PhageLab’s innovations couldn't come at a more crucial time. Bacteriophages, small viral particles that target and eliminate pathogenic bacteria, offer a natural and effective alternative to heavy antibiotic use for treating livestock infections.

PhageLab’s Proprietary Bioinformatics Platform

The company's unique microbial bioinformatics platform leverages AI to develop "customized cocktails" of bacteriophages. This platform, fed by a vast training dataset from over a decade of experimentation and phage repositories, is one of the world's largest industrial bacterial databases. PhageLab's ability to create tailored solutions in just 45 days showcases its agility and potential in combating livestock bacterial infections while reducing reliance on antibiotics.

Expanding Global Impact and Product Development

Hans Pieringer, Co-Founder and CEO, PhageLab
Hans Pieringer, Co-Founder and CEO, PhageLab

Hans Pieringer, CEO & Co-Founder of PhageLab, emphasizes the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration across industry, policy, and science to combat the antibiotic resistance crisis. This new funding is a catalyst for PhageLab’s expansion into new geographies and product development, beginning with animal health to quickly amplify its global impact.

A Pioneer in the Industry

Kevin Efrusy, an individual investor, lauds PhageLab as a pioneer in the industry, bringing unprecedented phage-based solutions to market. He highlights the company's streamlined development time to commercialization at a lower cost of capital, setting it apart from traditional biotechs.

Support from Collaborative Fund and Nazca

Luisa Sucre from Collaborative Fund commends PhageLab's technology and its substantial industrial bacteria database as transformative in combating antibiotic-resistant outbreaks. Hector Sepulveda, Managing Partner at Nazca, also expresses excitement for PhageLab's role as a Latin American trailblazer in addressing global health and food security issues.

Marketed Products and Future Developments

PhageLab has already made significant strides with its marketed product, INSPEKTOR, which effectively reduces Salmonella spp. in broiler chicken farms. The company is poised to launch a product targeting E. coli in broiler chickens and is developing solutions to prevent infectious diarrhea in pigs. Furthermore, PhageLab offers services to identify, detect, and characterize microorganisms within livestock production systems.

Demonstrating Success at International Expo

PhageLab is set to present at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, showcasing the successful reduction of Salmonella on poultry farms in Brazil through its custom-made bacteriophage cocktail. This presentation, scheduled for January 30-February 1, 2024, is a testament to PhageLab’s commitment and effectiveness in reshaping livestock health management.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer in Livestock Health

PhageLab’s innovative approach and recent funding mark a significant milestone in the fight against antibiotic resistance in the livestock industry. With its advanced technology and strategic expansion plans, PhageLab is not just a company to watch but a game-changer in ensuring global livestock health and food safety.


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