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ReSeed Secures $4.6 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Climate Financing and Social Impact

ReSeed, an AI-powered provider of regenerative nature-based services, has successfully closed a $4.6 million seed funding round led by One Small Planet. The funding also includes contributions from Thorn Partners and angel investors such as Baratunde Thurston and Elizabeth Stewart. This capital infusion aims to accelerate ReSeed's expansion into the commercial market and enhance its partnerships with smallholder farmers globally.

A New Approach to Climate Financing

In an era where venture capital investment is dwindling across various sectors, ReSeed's successful funding round underscores the viability of its unique approach to climate financing. The company collaborates with the world's 600 million smallholder farmers to monetize their significant yet largely unpaid global impact. ReSeed has pioneered the concept of traceable carbon credits, offering a transparent lifecycle from inception to market.

Technology and Scalability

ReSeed employs advanced technology to overcome the limitations of traditional carbon markets. By leveraging auditable data and enhanced technology, the company aims to scale its impact. ReSeed's model ensures that compensation goes to communities that have contributed the least to climate change but are most affected by it.

Social and Environmental Co-Benefits

Vasco van Roosmalen, co-founder and CEO of ReSeed, emphasized the crucial role smallholder farmers play in carbon storage and global food security. He stated that engaging these farmers as part of the climate solution could offer "fundamental co-benefits" that will define the next generation of climate tech.

Expert Opinions

Baratunde Thurston, an Emmy-nominated host and New York Times Best Selling writer, praised ReSeed's innovative approach, calling it a "novel player in the carbon markets." Jack Wielebinski, One Small Planet Fund Operating Officer, also lauded ReSeed for driving equitable outcomes in nature-based services markets through AI-powered solutions.

Future Outlook

The funding will enable ReSeed to expand its partnerships with farmers globally, fostering clean supply chains and increasing accountability. The company aims to set a new standard for carbon markets, making its carbon credits a staple among forward-thinking companies worldwide.


ReSeed's $4.6 million funding round marks a significant milestone in the company's journey to revolutionize climate financing and create real-world social impact. With its innovative approach and technology, ReSeed is well-positioned to lead the future of climate tech, offering scalable and equitable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.


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