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Revol Greens Unveils New Texas Facility to Meet Increased Demand

Revol Greens debuted the world's single-largest controlled environment agriculture (CEA) lettuce facility ever built. The newly erected greenhouse resides in Temple, TX, and boasts state-of-the-art technology which includes artificial intelligence tools to monitor and adjust climate control, irrigation, and energy management for maximum output and efficiency 365 days a year. The new facility is expected to create 130 jobs in the Temple, TX area while significantly expanding Revol Green's distribution in Texas and the central and southern United States.

"This is a milestone moment for our team," said Michael Wainscott, CEO of Revol Greens. "We are on a mission to provide fresh, affordable lettuce to consumers across the country. The addition of the Temple facility opens new markets to Revol Greens allowing for further reduction of food miles typically traveled within the US salad market."

With the addition of the Temple, TX facility, Revol Greens now reaches over 70 percent of the United States market when combined with its existing operations in Owatonna, MN, Athens, GA, and Tehachapi, CA. Centrally located in the heart of Texas, the city of Temple offers proximity to key customer distribution centers. Revol Greens has secured distribution partnerships with H-E-B, Sprouts, Costco, Walmart, Kroger, Target, United Supermarkets, and Amazon Fresh. Now more consumers will enjoy year-round access to Revol Greens' fresh, locally grown, organic, and conventional lettuce, including an assortment of their popular salad blends, convenient salad kits, and head lettuces - all of which reach store shelves within 24 - 48 hours of harvest.

"Revol Greens and its team members are honored to partner with the leading food retailers in Texas, as well the Texas Department of Agriculture's GO TEXAN program in support of local agriculture," said Wainscott.

Revol Greens' growing practices ensure that the perfect amount of nutrients and hydration reaches the different lettuce varieties throughout the growing cycle to achieve year-round consistency across all product lines. The company's greenhouses significantly reduce US water consumption and are on track to save 880 million gallons of water each year compared to field-grown lettuce. The new Temple facility will source most of its water by collecting rainwater, saving up to 380 million gallons of Texas water.

Revol Greens products can be found at a variety of national retailers.


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