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Unleashing the Power of Soil: Trace Genomics' Series B Funding and the Future of Farming

Soil Testing
Soil Testing


In the realm of modern agriculture, understanding the secrets hidden beneath the surface of our farms is crucial. Trace Genomics, a trailblazer in soil health innovation, has recently taken a significant leap forward in this quest. The company announced a successful Series B funding round, raising $10.5 million. This achievement, led by S2G Ventures and Ajax Strategies, with a contribution from new investor Rabo Ventures, not only surpassed expectations but also cemented Trace's position as an industry leader in DNA-based soil intelligence.

A Milestone for Growth and Sustainability

Poornima Parameswaran, the CEO and Co-founder of Trace, sees the Series B funding as a pivotal milestone. It marks a new chapter in the company's journey towards revolutionizing agriculture with soil DNA intelligence solutions. Trace's mission is clear: to advance sustainable agriculture while enhancing farmer profitability. This fresh infusion of capital will propel the company into its next phase of commercial growth, expanding its innovative offerings to a broader audience of farmers and agronomists.

Innovating Agriculture with Soil DNA Intelligence

At the heart of Trace Genomics' mission is a groundbreaking approach to soil health. By analyzing the DNA of soil organisms, Trace provides farmers with a detailed, individualized picture of their soil's health. This revolutionary technique allows for early identification of potential diseases, understanding of fertility levels, and personalized recommendations to improve crop health and yield. The result is a more sustainable, efficient, and productive farming process, optimizing the use of biologicals and chemicals.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

As Trace Genomics embarks on its journey to broaden its reach in 2024-25, it has welcomed two key leaders to its team. Adam Burnhams joins as Chief Marketing Officer, and Tim Yandel steps in as Chief Revenue Officer. Their collective expertise in agribusiness, machine learning, AI, and climate tech will undoubtedly accelerate Trace's commercial capabilities and market penetration.

Last year, Trace launched its flagship product, TraceCOMPLETE, and established key commercial partnerships in the US and Canada. These steps, along with the refinement of its commercial strategy, have laid a solid foundation for the company's future endeavors.

Transforming Agriculture with Data-Driven Insights

The significance of the soil microbiome in crop outcomes is undeniable, yet its analysis has often been overlooked due to various challenges. Trace Genomics, however, has successfully addressed these issues with its soil intelligence platform, offering growers an unparalleled level of insight and data-driven recommendations.

Shishir Sinha, Investment Director at Rabo Ventures, highlights the transformative potential of Trace's technology. It not only unlocks the power of biologicals but also enables the adoption of nutrient use efficiency (NUE) solutions and predictive pest management.


Trace Genomics' successful Series B funding is more than just a financial achievement; it's a testament to the company's innovative spirit and its potential to revolutionize agriculture. By providing detailed insights into soil health, Trace empowers farmers and agronomists to make informed decisions, leading to more sustainable, productive, and profitable farming practices. As Trace continues to expand its reach and capabilities, the future of farming looks brighter and more sustainable than ever.


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