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Reshaping our

global food system,


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It’s time to eat like the future
depends on it.

The global food supply is more fragile than ever. Climate change, food waste, agricultural practices, food security, and nutrition inequality have created a perfect storm of challenges that we must now weather together. 


Solutions are emerging from all over the planet and companies are beginning to see the importance of shifting their focus to sustainability. The more they collaborate, the bigger their impact


Edible Planet is the ecosystem that connects voices and visions to develop the global food infrastructure we need for a resilient and productive world.


A holistic platform where business leaders, policy makers, startups, and entrepreneurs can connect and exchange resources, knowledge, and support for new ideas in the global food


Dark Ocean

New voices and underrepresented groups in the global effort to create a more equitable food system



A shared comprehensive global database of stakeholders and problem solving tools that is accessible to all partners


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Original, dynamic written, visual and digital content that informs and educates about the challenges and solutions possible within the global food chain



The food system through collaboration and encouraged synergy between individuals, organizations, companies and institutions


As experts in agrifood innovation, Edible Planet Ventures manages a range of operations to help companies re-define their strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 


We bring a global ecosystem of stakeholders, collaborators and resources along with extensive experience in the global food sector to help your business succeed.

Are you ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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the more we share,
   the more we learn,
      the more we transform.

It's time to come together and to use all of the tools we have at hand to think of new solutions to our global challenges. The Encounter is a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and solutions. With a newswire, podcast, blog series, and events the Encounter is built on multimedia formats that utilize the greatest strength we have. Our humanity.