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Andrea Lippolis

Vita Meals

IN PILLS - From a personal need he developed a business idea which then became Vita Meals. Always a sportsman, passionate about food, technology and numbers. He made a lifestyle of his passions and derived his approach to work, totally data driven, innovative and focused on results.

THE IDEA - His goal has always been to try to have a positive impact on people's lives and for this reason he has enclosed all his values in the vision and mission of Vita Meals. From the idea born at university for a personal need, he built, together with his team, a reality that today aims to make easy and accessible to anybody an healthy and 100% personalized nutrition.

NOT JUST JOB - Engineer, former professional basketball player and passionate about reading, travel and all technologies, he loves challenges and adventures. He is a very dynamic person who loves to surround himself with friends and loved ones with whom to share adventures and new experiences around the world. Happiness for Andrea is, seizing all the opportunities that life offers and living every moment to the fullest, so as not to waste even a day without smiling.

    Andrea Lippolis
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