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Johan Jörgensen

Sweden FoodTech

Johan Jörgensen is the founder of Sweden FoodTech and as such he coaches nations, cities, big corps and entrepreneurs regarding strategic business-building in the transforming food sector. If there ever was a food tech nerd, Johan is the one. Often called Mr. Foodtech, he started his career at the beginning of the 90’s in the tech sector but has focused on food tech since 2011 when he was named Sweden's venture capitalist of the year and got bombarded by crappy and insignificant business ideas. Johan is a sought after visionary, speaker and advisor. In 2015 Johan ran the innovation program for the USA Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan where he realized that the next generation food system will be born in places that are dynamic, health-focused and sustainability-oriented, such as the Nordics. Since then he has made his native Sweden the home for his forays into foodtech. Sweden Foodtech is the leading hub for foodtech in the Nordics. Besides advising big corporations on the future of food. Sweden Foodtech accelerates entrepreneurs through various programs as well as through direct coaching and networking. Sweden Foodtech also runs one of the leading food tech conferences in Europe, the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet, as well as the Smaka Good Food Festival that each year attracts some 350,000 visitors to central Stockholm to experience and taste the future.

    Johan Jörgensen
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