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Lisa Baker

WA Parliament

Lisa Baker works with integrity, passion and persistence to improve human and animal rights and redefine our relationship with animals and the planet. She’s worked within systems that often don’t want to hear her message, fund her ideas or accept a challenge their comfort zones. Her determination and courage in the face of these obstacles is an inspiration to thousands of people. She provides a shining example of how having a vision for a fairer and kinder world can be translated into real action and long term positive change. Lisa shows that collaboration can work in a competitive world.

Lisa was first elected as a Member of the Western Australian Parliament in 2008 and she is recognised as a fearless advocate for her community. The effort she takes to bring controversial and sometimes unpopular issues to public and political notice go above and beyond the job description.

Lisa is considered to be WA Labor’s expert on animal welfare issues and has achieved so much in raising awareness and making real changes to protect animals:

  • Produced discussion and policy papers – ‘Strengthening Animal Welfare in WA [2011]’; ‘Stop Puppy Farming [2015/17]; ‘An Independent Office for Animal Welfare [2017]’

  • Authored and stewarded WA Labor’s Stop Puppy Farming policy into law in 2021. This policy is acknowledged as world best practice.

  • August 2017 – WA Labor State conference passed her resolution calling for the establishment of an independent office for animal welfare

  • From 2017 onwards using the parliament to promote the emerging Alternative Protein and Plant Based sectors

  • Convener of WA Parliament’s Friends of the RSPCA and Friends of Greyhounds groups

  • 2019 - Chairing the implementation of the Stop Puppy Farming policy

  • 2017 – 19 - Co Chairing the WA Greyhound Welfare Group

  • 2018 and 2019 – Lisa organised and hosts “Saving Lives” in Parliament House. This is a first in Australia and brings 200 animal rescue groups to the WA Parliament to celebrate the contributions of volunteers and staff in animal rescue and rehoming organisations.

  • 2022 completed a study tour of plant based and alternative protein sectors in USA.

Above and beyond all of the amazing things that Lisa has achieved, her finest gifts to us are hope and a belief that we can all be part of changing the world.

    Lisa Baker
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