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Marco Minciaroni

Castello di Montalera

Hi everyone I’m Marco Minciaroni, it’s great being part of this amazing group!

I am passionate about nature, soil, agro-ecology, yoga and hold a degree in philosophy. As owner of the Castello di Montalera and Estate, a 2000 acre organic regenerative farm on the shore of lake Trasimeno in Umbria, I am extremely happy this event list taking place in our region. At Castello di Montera we are constantly trying to improve our collaboration with nature, and are committed to grow food on an industrial scale while respecting the living soil which sustains us all. Our main business is supplying the goods we cultivate to some of the main Italian players in the organic food business. See you all soon. (we are changing a few things on the web site, work in progress….)

    Marco Minciaroni
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