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Meg Savage

Feed Forward

Co-founder + Chief Growth Officer, Feed Forward

Meg has over 15 years of experience in food innovation, marketing, partnerships, and business development. Her past endeavors include Rethink Food, Condé Nast, Sotheby's, and Hearst Corporation. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition over a decade ago, Meg developed a passion for food, food as medicine, and using innovation to better our food system and accessibility for all. It was then that she pivoted into the food space and has not looked back. She has consulted for over a decade across all sectors, with a concentration on food innovation. She was a co-founder of Food Loves Tech, an experiential platform celebrating innovation and igniting change in our food system. Prior to Feed Forward, Meg was the Executive Director of Rethink Food (501c3), where she led the organization to over 1,000% growth within one year, and helped serve over 3M food insecure individuals through the 2020 covid pandemic. She is a champion for food innovation, food accessibility, and food as medicine, and has been responsible for both early and long term growth in all her past roles.

    Meg Savage
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