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Nicola Tagliaferro

Enel X

Nicola Tagliafierro is since 2017 Head of Sustainability in Enel X. In this role, he is responsible for Sustainability Worldwide Strategies, Circular Economy Portfolio Acceleration and Environmental Solution Development. He is the first Italian to be accepted, thanks to his strong commitment on Sustainability and Circular Economy innovative researches, in the prestigious Aspen Institute USA within the First Movers Program. In 2000 he graduated in Economics and Business Management in Naples (Italy) with a Master Degree in Energy in 2003. He started his experience in London where he lived for 4 years working in corporate finance for American company Utility Corp United and energy forecasting for Mott McDonald Group. In 2004 he joined Eni Group where he was in charge of different roles devoted to launch the power business (EniPower) to the Strategy and Panning for the entire Gas & Power global division. He joined Enel Group at the end of 2010 working in the Global Trading unit where he was in charge of Energy Trading with focus on long term renewable contracts. He is also founder of an innovative start up (, winner of several acknowledgments (Wind Green Award, Timwithyouwedo and Lazio Innova best start up) which aims to create a green product and services market place with focus on sustainable communities and gamification mechanisms.

    Nicola Tagliaferro
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