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Stephanie Race

Earth Labs Group

Stephanie Race is an established business leader, entrepreneur, scientist and senior technology executive, with over 30 years of experience transforming global food and agriculture supply chains & restoring natural ecosystems to balance nature, people and markets creating resilient landscapes.

Stephanie is the Founder & CEO of Earth Labs Group, an environmental informatics business providing transparency to the climate, water and nature footprint of food, fashion and consumer products from sourcing, production, consumption to reuse through circular bio-economy solutions from extractive to sustainable to regenerative with raw material provenance to inform corporate accountability, global trade, governance and consumer choice.

Earth Labs Group works with food & fibre producers enabling them to farm in harmony with nature. The Earth Labs Group platform predicts crop yields, mitigates climate risk, provides transparency to the nutrient density and the environmental impact of food and fibre production and creates resilient landscapes. Earth Labs Group delivers predictive analytics to mitigate the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss on land and water resources and delivers nature-based solutions to enable regenerative outcomes for people, planet and all life on Earth.

Earth Labs Group delivers analytics to predict drought, fire, floods, pests & disease to protect the food supply, mitigate food safety, predict pandemics to mitigate human health risk, while enabling communities to grow healthy food, create resilient landscapes & restore nature. The platform delivers analytics to the financial services, food & consumer products industries to quantify the value of natural capital & price the risk & value of nature into the production of food, fashion and consumer products. Outcomes inform decisions related to food & water security, human health & nutrition, deforestation, climate & nature risk, infrastructure & community resilience, healthy landscapes, seascapes & people.

Earlier in her career, Stephanie was a Partner at Accenture leading the Analytics Practice for Food, Consumer Products & Retail. She held executive roles in the Supply Chain & Technology practices of Oracle & Andersen Consulting. With NASA, she developed solutions to analyze the economics of agriculture, forestry & land use, infrastructure & water for the food and consumer products industry. She is an Advisory Board Member of consumer packaging company transforming nutshell waste into bioplastics and a Board Member of a non-profit providing planetary scale analytics for food & water security, climate adaptation & resilience.

    Stephanie Race
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