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Yair Yosefi

The Mediterranean Food Lab

Yair Yosefi - Co-founder and Director of Applicative R&D, The Mediterranean Food Lab

Yair is an R&D chef with wide experience in industry and food service applications. Mr. Yosefi began his career at some of Israel’s top historical dining establishments (“Keren”, “Yoezer”, etc.) and spent a decade in Paris where he cooked at the three Michelin starred “Le Grand Véfour” and “Laserre” as well as with Pierre Garnier at his eponymous Rue Balzac institution. With Garnier, he specialized in culinary R&D, after which he joined the executive team at “Maison Kayser”. In Israel Yair served as consultant to leading food producers, founded an international publishing house and published award-winning cookbooks. Mr. Yosefi was founding chef at renown Mediterranean establishments “Elba” and “Brut”. He has spearheaded international collaborations bringing Mediterranean food culture and raw materials to high-end outlets in Japan and the USA. He consults widely on issues of product development and culinary R&D for food service business and industrial food production.

    Yair Yosefi
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