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A Fresh Approach: Saveggy's Edible Coating Bags €1.76M in Funding

Courtesy of Saveggy
Courtesy of Saveggy

In a world grappling with escalating environmental challenges, innovative solutions that combine technology with sustainability are more crucial than ever. One such breakthrough comes from the Lund-based startup, Saveggy, which has developed an edible coating to significantly extend the shelf life of fresh produce. This advancement promises not only to reduce food waste—a major contributor to climate change—but also to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging.

The Global Challenge of Food Waste and Plastic Pollution

Each year, approximately 45% of fruits and vegetables worldwide are wasted. This loss occurs throughout the supply chain—from farms to kitchen tables. The implications of such waste are profound, affecting food security, economic losses, and environmental sustainability. Food waste contributes to climate change by generating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of decomposition.

Concurrently, plastic pollution has emerged as one of the most daunting environmental crises. Plastic packaging, widely used in the food industry to extend product freshness, plays a significant role in this problem. It is often non-biodegradable, persisting in ecosystems for hundreds of years and posing threats to wildlife and human health.

The Innovation of Saveggy

Founded in 2020 by Arash Fayyazi and Vahid Sohrabpour, both of whom have robust backgrounds in the packaging industry and applied sciences, Saveggy introduces a novel solution to these pressing issues. Their product, an edible coating made from natural ingredients like canola and oats, is designed to keep produce fresh longer without the use of traditional plastic packaging.

Saveggy's coating technology is notable for being the only edible alternative to plastic that complies with EU regulations for fruits and vegetables with edible peels. It represents a pioneering step in food preservation technology, meeting the rigorous standards required for widespread adoption in the European market.

Impact Investing and Market Potential

Saveggy's journey has been supported by a consortium of impact investors including Unconventional Ventures, LRF Ventures, Almi Invest GreenTech, and various industry angels. These partnerships reflect a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation in tackling global food system challenges.

Economic and Market Impact

With a targeted business-to-business model focusing on packing hubs, Saveggy taps into a €400 billion total addressable market, with an immediate serviceable obtainable market of €1.33 billion in Europe alone. This vast market potential underscores the significant economic benefits that accompany its environmental impact.

Environmental and Social Implications

By extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, Saveggy's technology directly contributes to reducing the volume of food waste. This not only conserves resources but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with the production, transportation, and decomposition of wasted food.

Implementing Saveggy's edible coatings can lead to a reduction in the use of synthetic materials, thereby promoting more sustainable agricultural practices. This shift is critical in the broader context of achieving environmental sustainability and ecological balance.

Challenges and Future Prospects

As with any innovation in the food sector, regulatory approval and consumer acceptance are crucial. Saveggy has successfully navigated these hurdles in Europe, setting a precedent for potential expansion into other markets with stringent safety standards.

With the initial focus on cucumbers, the next steps for Saveggy involve scaling up production and diversifying the range of produce treated with its coatings. The ability to adapt and apply the technology across different types of fruits and vegetables will be key to its widespread adoption.

In conclusion, Saveggy stands at the forefront of a significant shift towards sustainable food packaging solutions. Its innovative approach not only addresses the pressing problems of food waste and plastic pollution but also presents a viable, scalable solution that could transform the food industry. As global awareness and regulatory frameworks increasingly favor sustainable practices, technologies like Saveggy's edible coatings are poised to become integral components of a greener future.

By harnessing the power of impact investing and the expertise of its founders, Saveggy is well-positioned to make a profound impact on our planet's health and the efficiency of our food systems. The journey of Saveggy reflects a broader movement towards sustainability that transcends industries, making it a beacon of innovation and hope in the fight against environmental degradation.


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