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Agrology Raises Seed Funding to Drive Growth and Help Farmers Combat Climate Change

With the impact of climate change accelerating, farmers require new technologies to maintain yields and implement regenerative practices. That’s why today Agrology and Active Impact Investments announced an investment partnership to drive the market growth of Agrology’s Regenerative and Predictive Agriculture Platform. Active Impact Investments invested in Agrology’s SEED round to scale the start-up’s climate technology solutions for growers.

Agrology, a Public Benefit Corporation and winner of two highly selective National Science Foundation SBIR Awards, offers a predictive agricultural platform that helps farmers monitor crops and receive predictive insights on irrigation, extreme weather, soil carbon respiration and sequestration, pest and disease outbreaks, and more.

“26% of global emissions come from food production, and the agriculture sector is concurrently one of the most acutely impacted by climate change. Agrology has the dual benefit of helping farmers adapt to a changing climate, to remediate soil degradation through regenerative agriculture while also increasing margins and profit,” said Mike Winterfield, Founder and Managing Partner of Active Impact Investments. “Agrology’s sensors enable farmers to increase yield while also creating new revenue streams through access to carbon credits via soil carbon sequestration and ‘carbon farming’. The timing is ideal given policy tailwinds like the Inflation Reduction Act’s $8.5B Environmental Quality Incentives Program, which has created strong incentives to measure and decarbonize throughout the supply chain.”

“Having Active Impact Investments as our lead investor gives us the resources and expert guidance to expand our growth and reach,” said Agrology Founder and CEO, Adam Koeppel. “Like Agrology, Active focuses on climate and impact, and we are both committed to helping farmers solve real problems in the field. I’m looking forward to working with Active to assist farmers in beating climate change, to grow our team, our business, our reach, and increase our impact.”

Agrology gathers data in customers’ fields then processes data using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models. The system precisely forecasts up to four days out, empowering growers to put ground-truth data behind their sustainability and regenerative practices and manage valuable resources. Agrology also offers the first soil carbon respiration monitoring system to provide critical real-time data, tracking soil microbiome health and changes in soil carbon content–a key component to farmers fighting climate change with regenerative practices.

Active Impact’s investment will enable Agrology to grow the team and expand their reach into national and international markets. Active Impact works closely with founders to assist in developing professional sales infrastructure and talent recruitment. In addition, the investment will help Agrology scale their operations to reach thousands of farmers around the world.

“Our regenerative agriculture system is real technology, working for real growers, in real dirt, on real farms right now,” added Koeppel. “It’s not some block chain or remote sensing satellite system but is useful technology that gathers data directly from the ground and the air, and lets farmers know how well their regenerative practices are working.”

In addition to Active Impact, Skyview Ventures and Phoenix Venture Partners joined the round, along with additional syndicate participants. Agrology looks forward to working with all syndicate members to advance its goal of helping farmers beat climate change.


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